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Feature on rideshare drivers for The Atlantic

Uber and Lyft's departure from Austin left a void for drivers and passengers. I examined how other rideshare startups are filling that void and why this could be good for everyone.

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Feature on sweatworking for FastCompany.com

Sweatworking lets active entrepreneurs and professionals combine exercise and networking. I pitched this workplace trend story to FastCompany.com, and the story has gotten tons of shares and comments on social media.

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Feature on bubble soccer company for Entrepreneur

I profiled two Michigan college kids who turned a fascination with bubble soccer into a booming business by renting out the bubble suits.

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Freelancer/client collaborations work best when we’re a good fit for each other. After all, every good relationship is a two-way street, so mutual respect is key.

My past experience includes work with all types of organizations including agencies, websites, nonprofits, print magazines, newspapers, and small businesses, many of them with numerous repeat assignments.

I love writing, and I treat it as a business, so I’m committed to meeting deadlines and exceeding your expectations. Here’s what my clients have in common:

Appreciation for great ideas and ethical storytelling: You can find plenty of bargain-basement freelancers who charge a few bucks apiece for barely readable prose. I’m not one of them. I pride myself on brainstorming great ideas, tailoring those ideas to your audience, and bringing the story to life. My clients are just as excited about these ideas as I am, and they value quality writing. Occasionally people offer to pay for links in stories I write, and the answer is always no. My clients understand that this is not an ethical practice, and they do not make requests that would jeopardize my ethical standards or my other work.

Willingness to communicate clear expectations: I want to nail your assignment, so it’s best if I have all the details upfront including how many words you need, when you need it, and whether you have a house style guide I should follow. Need me to source photos? Want me to format my work in your CMS? Hate the verbs “leverage” and “synergize”? Also good for me to know before deadline. Let’s keep the lines of communication open so I can deliver exactly what you need.

Respect for the writing and revision process: Many clients are happy with the first version I send them, which is great. But I aim to please, and I love it when editors or clients ask smart, thoughtful questions to make the finished product that much better. It’s a collaborative process that may take some time, but it’s well worth it.

Ongoing need for content: Recurring assignments allow us to perfect our workflow and build a friendly rapport. My favorite clients value building long-term relationships with writers. That said, I’m also open to one-off assignments, and sometimes these grow into longer-term relationships.

Contact me to discuss your writing needs.

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