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Feature on rideshare drivers for The Atlantic

Uber and Lyft's departure from Austin left a void for drivers and passengers. I examined how other rideshare startups are filling that void and why this could be good for everyone.

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Feature on sweatworking for FastCompany.com

Sweatworking lets active entrepreneurs and professionals combine exercise and networking. I pitched this workplace trend story to FastCompany.com, and the story has gotten tons of shares and comments on social media.

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Feature on bubble soccer company for Entrepreneur

I profiled two Michigan college kids who turned a fascination with bubble soccer into a booming business by renting out the bubble suits.

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I love writing stories that inspire readers to live fuller, healthier, or more creative lives by exploring trends in food, fitness, relationships, travel, and other areas. Here’s where my knack for writing in a friendly, conversational style and finding those elusive real-person sources comes in handy.

From cocktails to arts and culture, my lifestyle stories have appeared in The Boston Globe Magazine, BUST Magazine, DailyCandy.com, Match.com’s Happen, Pregnancy Magazine, SELF Magazine, and YourTango.com, to name a few.

See below for select samples.

Beyond Books: Why Some Libraries Now Lend Tools, Toys and More

A growing number of libraries now lend Kindles, board games, power tools and even musical instruments.

USNews.com - Feb/02/2016

When U.S. Expats Crave the Flavors of Home

From bagels to frozen berries, Peeps to peanut butter, some Americans living abroad still crave the food they grew up with–and will go to great lengths to get it!

WSJ Expat blog - Oct/22/2015

Defying Gravity

Aerial yoga offers a challenging twist on yoga, as practitioners strengthen and stretch off the ground.

alive magazine - Jan/21/2015

Glamping Brings Comforts to Conventional Camping

This twist on camping combines comfy accommodations with the great outdoors.

USNews.com - Jun/17/2014

A Unique Proposal

Flash mobs and Jumbotrons have upped the ante on marriage proposals. Here’s how to plan a lavish proposal.

The Costco Connection - Apr/01/2014

Late for a Date? Here’s How to Deal

Advice from experts and real-life singles on dealing with a tardy date.

Match.com’s Happen - Jan/01/2012

Making Peace With Your Partner’s Pets

Tips for dating an animal lover when you’re not so keen on their furry (or scaly) friends.

Match.com’s Happen - Jan/01/2012

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