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Feature on rideshare drivers for The Atlantic

Uber and Lyft's departure from Austin left a void for drivers and passengers. I examined how other rideshare startups are filling that void and why this could be good for everyone.

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Feature on sweatworking for FastCompany.com

Sweatworking lets active entrepreneurs and professionals combine exercise and networking. I pitched this workplace trend story to FastCompany.com, and the story has gotten tons of shares and comments on social media.

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Feature on bubble soccer company for Entrepreneur

I profiled two Michigan college kids who turned a fascination with bubble soccer into a booming business by renting out the bubble suits.

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In my copywriting work, I often collaborate with graphic designers or web developers to brainstorm creative concepts that pair images and text for maximum effect. I’ve also worked independently on projects based off a client’s creative brief. My copywriting experience has focused on nonprofits, retailers, and small businesses.

See below for select samples.

Website Copy

Nowadays, a professional-looking and sounding website is essential for large and small businesses. The best websites use simple, readable language to communicate your company's message (after all, your prospective customers are likely accessing your site on their phones). I've written short and long-form copy for a variety of company websites. I'm familiar with SEO best practices, but I write for humans before search engines.

Talent BrandWagon – Website Copy

The founder of a new talent branding firm hired me to write all the copy for his website, including the short text for the slideshow at the top.

Salon Bellisima – Team Bios

The owner of this Cambridge, Massachusetts hair salon hired me to craft bios for her and her staff.

Descriptive Copy

Product descriptions and brochure copy is practically an art form unto itself. How do you capture the benefits of a designer shoe or a concert series and entice customers in just a few characters? I approach product descriptions almost like writing haiku. Ed Gandia interviewed me on his High-Income Business Writing Podcast about this writing niche.

Performing Arts Brochure

These descriptions were included in a full color glossy brochure to promote a nonprofit performing arts series. Distributed to several thousand donors, subscribers, and other key audiences.

Puma Product Descriptions

This national lifestyle and sportswear client wanted product descriptions to reflect the smart, sassy side of their shoes and apparel.

Horny Toad Look Book

I created the concept and wrote the copy for this series of photo slides designed to capture the fun, quirky personality of this national clothing brand.

Other Copywriting Samples

In addition to website copy and product descriptions, I've written for a variety of other formats including press releases, donor communications, email newsletters, and more.

Nonprofit Donor Email

This nonprofit organization’s donor emails was among my favorite project. This example shows their Mother’s Day campaign.

Film Foundation Sales Letter

Distributed to local business owners by a non-profit film foundation, this letter was part of a larger campaign to raise awareness about its corporate membership program.

Blue Spruce Theatre Press Release

This press release for the debut production of a new theatre company generated coverage in The Boston Globe’s “Sidekick,” among other local publications.

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