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Feature on rideshare drivers for The Atlantic

Uber and Lyft's departure from Austin left a void for drivers and passengers. I examined how other rideshare startups are filling that void and why this could be good for everyone.

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Feature on sweatworking for FastCompany.com

Sweatworking lets active entrepreneurs and professionals combine exercise and networking. I pitched this workplace trend story to FastCompany.com, and the story has gotten tons of shares and comments on social media.

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Feature on bubble soccer company for Entrepreneur

I profiled two Michigan college kids who turned a fascination with bubble soccer into a booming business by renting out the bubble suits.

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My stories on careers and personal finance have appeared in AOL Jobs, The Boston Globe, DailyWorth.com, Learnvest.com, MainStreet.com, and many other places. I’ve also been a weekly contributor to the money section of USNews.com since September, 2011.

I’m drawn to money and career stories that offer readers surprising new insights and practical ways to save money or advance their careers. In the course of my reporting, I’ve gotten a crash course in mortgages, insurance, retirement savings, credit cards, budget travel, personal finance apps, and more, so I’m adept at finding authoritative experts and distilling these concepts into layman’s terms.

See below for select samples.

How Financial Book Clubs Make Learning About Money More Social

Reading and discussing money books with a group offers accountability and camaraderie.

USNews.com - Aug/9/2017

Voice assistants begin to answer credit questions

Home devices step into personal finance: 'Alexa, what's my card balance?'

CreditCards.com - May/12/2017

What Pro Athletes Can Teach Us About Retirement Planning

Whether an NBA star or an Average Joe, we all need to live below our means and prepare for transitions.

USNews.com - Jun/22/2016

Expert Advice on How to Build the Ultimate To-Do List

Eighty-nine percent of people don’t finish their daily tasks. Experts share tips on creating a to-do list you can actually finish.

FastCompany.com - Apr/15/2015

The Best Ways to File a Consumer Complaint

Have a beef with a business? How to use Twitter, email, and other avenues to get it resolved.

USNews.com - Dec/30/2014

First Comes Love, Then Comes House? More Unmarried Couples Are Buying Homes

What couples should consider when buying real estate together without (or before) tying the knot.

USNews.com - Feb/25/2014

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